1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

    Sadly, I don’t have anything to show you here right now. Due to the increasing amount of time I was spending here on tumblr (and, therefore, the decreasing amount of time I was actually being productive), I’ve deleted my account. I probably wouldn’t have been so brave except Jay’s doing the same thing.

    If you are looking for my Fic Directory, I’m going to rebuild it right here (originally I was planning to start another site for it but that sort of fell through).

    There are still other places you can find me, though!

    Twitter: @WingedFlight

    Livejournal | Dreamwidth | FF.net | 8tracks

    Or you can check out my collab-account, where I’ve co-written over 100K of Artemis Fowl fic in the last year: freudwithwings.

    Please feel free to drop a note on any of these sites to chat!